Products of Turkey


Experience the convergence of Turkish ceramic mastery and modern design in our stoneware collection - delightful pieces with a milky white glaze enriched by subtle tan undertones. Ceramics have held a pivotal role in Turkish history for millennia, maintaining their significance in contemporary Turkish culture. The artisans of Turkey, with centuries of ceramic expertise handed down through generations, stand unparalleled in their craft.

While Turkish ceramics are renowned for their elaborate decorations and vibrant colors, we've embarked on a collaboration with Safure, our artisan from Istanbul to create something different. Challenged to create a neutral palette for our serving pieces, Safure skillfully crafts each piece by hand. Fired at temperatures exceeding 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, our stoneware emerges as strong, nonporous, and substantial vessels, ensuring their longevity.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, stoneware offers practical functionality. It distributes and retains heat exceptionally well, surpassing other forms of pottery. This characteristic makes our stoneware collection not only visually captivating but also the perfect choice for functional pieces that will grace your table for years to come.

Our stoneware ensemble is dishwasher safe, though use care with the footed pieces. Knocking the feet against other dishes may cause them to chip. You can also hand wash our pieces using warm soapy water and a soft sponge. Avoid abrasive sponges and harsh cleaning chemicals to preserve the finish. For non-food serving items such as our candle holders and vases, a rinse under warm water is all it takes in between uses.