Meet Artisans

Nick Merdenyan, Maestro of Calligraphy 

Introducing Nick Merdenyan, a luminary in Istanbul's artistic realm. Beyond his genial exterior lies a maestro of calligraphy, with a penchant for crafting extraordinary pieces on the most exquisite canvases – dried leaves. Within the confines of a cozy stone-walled studio reminiscent of millenia past, Nick dedicates his days to the intricate art of inscribing profound words and scriptures from Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Islam onto leaves of unparalleled beauty.

His creations, adorned with messages of love, peace, and tolerance, are executed with unparalleled precision using gold leaf, black ink and a palette of vibrant, bespoke paints. But these are not just any leaves. Annually, Nick embarks on a pilgrimage to Florida, meticulously selecting the most flawless specimens from a greenhouse. The leaves, chosen with utmost discernment, undergo a year-long drying process within the sanctity of his own home. Every fortnight, he orchestrates a delicate relocation, ensuring the optimal balance of sunlight and humidity for their flawless preservation.

Nick's masterpieces grace the homes of discerning collectors, each piece a testament to his unrivaled artistry. Amidst the curated array of framed works on his stone wall, a select few photographs capture moments of Nick in the company of luminaries such as Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, Bill Gates and dignitaries from across Asian and Europe  – a testament to the high regard in which his work is held. Despite his celebrated status, Nick remains the embodiment of humility and kindness not unlike the messages in his art, elevating his work to a level befitting the most distinguished connoisseurs.