About Us

ärdezenz Celebrating Artisans, Our Philosophy… 

Having scoured the globe the last 25 years for distinctive architectural artifacts, antiques and decor for client projects, we’ve recognized an alarming progression. The number of artisans around the world are rapidly declining, trending to an eventual disappearance of their crafts - a direct result of mass-produced consumerism. Descendants of artisans, who would have in the past taken up the family trade are turning to other industries, abandoning their handed-down traditions out of economic concerns - from the batik painters in Solo to the carpet weavers in Hereke, to the glass blowers of Murano. We aspire to reverse this trend and we welcome you to join our efforts. 

ärdezenz is a woman-powered movement that transcends borders, uniting communities through the artistry of local artisans worldwide. Founded by Jules Nolet, our brand is a testament to the strength and creativity of women, driving positive change in the global marketplace.

We start by taking a more discerning approach to furnishing homes. In a world of mass-produced sameness, we offer a different path. The next time you’re tempted by products churned out in soulless factories for big-box stores, please pause and reconsider the power of your purchase. Embrace authenticity. Buy quality. Buy pieces crafted with care by artisans who infuse their passion and skill into every creation. By choosing unique, handcrafted items, you contribute to the livelihood of artisans and their communities. 

We strive to connect our clients with artisanal works that create homes with distinction and character. With each collection, you’ll not only discover facts about the products, but also a bit of history, why we love it and helpful styling ideas. You’ll find on our website a growing selection of ärdezenz-designed pieces crafted exclusively for us as well as beautiful original designs from our worldwide community of artisans. You’ll also find a selection of one-of-a-kind pieces: antiques, vintage, and new…found on our buying trips that truly will add a unique, expertly layered aesthetic to your decor. 

More than a brand, we are a platform for change. Join us on a journey of celebration, where every purchase becomes a statement of support for artisans and the preservation of cultural traditions. At ärdezenz, we don't just sell products; we share the beauty of human connection through the art of the handmade.

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