Products of Ireland


Embark on a journey through Ireland’s rich history, where the lush green landscapes, frolicking sheep, and the warmth of Aran sweaters intertwine with a centuries-old tradition steeped in wool. Ireland, once a global textile leader with a woolen mill in every county, now faces a changing landscape. As mass-produced textiles gained prominence in China and elsewhere, an economic shift led to a transformation - from wool-producing sheep to a focus on meat production. Today, the once-thriving tradition of Irish wool has dwindled, with only a handful of farmers dedicated to its production. It is rare to find true Irish wool today and we happen to carry them.  

ärdezenz takes immense pride in showcasing Cushendale Mill, Ireland’s oldest woolen mill, established in 1778. As a sixth-generation family-owned enterprise, Cushendale stands alone as a beacon of tradition, producing the most exceptional woolen products in the market. 

Setting itself apart, Cushendale is the sole mill in Ireland to oversee the entire process in-house, a rarity in the industry. While others outsource various stages, such as spinning, dyeing, weaving, and finishing, Cushendale maintains control from start to finish. Unlike the hurried approach of moving the wool from one step of the process onto the next and the next, for example, the spinning mill sending their finished yarn to the dyers across town to apply color, Cushendale takes pride in managing the entire process from inception to completion. Each step is conducted with meticulous care and attention, giving the yarn, a natural fiber, time to acclimatize properly rather than put it through shock for the sake of meeting tight deadlines. 

Nestled in a site with historical roots dating back to the 1200s when monks from the abbey next door operated the mill, Cushendale still utilizes the pure mountain water that flows down the mountain side and runs underneath the mill to wash and clean their wool. Between the pure mountain spring water, six generations of mastery and their unhurried approach, it is no wonder Cushendale delivers unparalleled quality. 

Let us also acknowledge their dedication to merge tradition with trend setting aesthetics. The ärdezenz design team declares Cushendale’s mohair as the most luxurious they’ve ever encountered. The lambswool, with its peach-soft texture, and the Irish Wool, boasting rugged handsomeness, are unquestionably essential additions to your collection.



Not all linens are crafted with the same dedication to quality. When you embark on your search for table linens, even in specialty boutiques, take a moment to inquire about their origins. You'll likely discover that many linens are sourced from China, even those claiming to be crafted in-house, often relying on raw materials from factories in third-world countries. 

Our linens, on the other hand, tell a different story. Every thread is woven, dyed, sewn, and embroidered in Ireland. In the skilled hands of Jennifer Slattery, her award-winning designs come to life. Hand-drawn and embroidered on linen in small batches from the few remaining linen mills in Ireland, Jennifer draws inspiration from Dublin's Herbarium, home to a vast collection of centuries-old dried botanicals. These wildflower designs, translated onto our linens, embody a nostalgic yet contemporary aesthetic – modern heirlooms crafted to be cherished for years.

Please follow our care recommendations. Machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle with mild detergent. Air dry until damp and follow with some quick ironing or use a hand held steamer for a crisp finish. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. For lasting beauty, wash linen runners and napkins alongside other linen items and avoid mixing them with materials of different kinds. This simple care routine will preserve the quality of your linen, ensuring its enduring charm for years to come.